Student Program

At Brattys LLP, we view articling and summer students as the future of our firm. We view every student as a potential lawyer and, ultimately, a potential partner in our firm. In recent years, our students have been very successful, and a significant number have joined us as lawyers.

With this in mind, we aim to make articling a challenging and rewarding experience. Our students are encouraged to take on as much responsibility as they feel they can handle, and we work to integrate them into the team environment and flow of our practice.

The nature of student work varies. We do not expect students to do an extensive amount of research; instead, we focus on learning through practical experience, and personal guidance. Students work on files in tandem with each of the firm's lawyers, and their contact with clients is extensive. There are opportunities for students to take lead roles in particular matters, based on their interests and comfort levels. Furthermore, all of our lawyers take an active interest in student work, and make themselves available for questions and advice.

For inquiries regarding articling and summer student positions with our firm, please contact: or
Nickolas Vlitas at extension 331